Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Kate: Use a skirt clip

Actress Kate Hudson struggles to stay covered as her dress billows while she rides an Electra Super Deluxe bicycle.

Kate Hudson bicycle skirt filming

She needs to take a tip from my pal Reese and use a garter with a clip to keep her skirt in place.

The big pole sticking out front holds a camera that's pointed right at her face. She was filming a cycling scene for a new movie "Earthbound" in New Orleans the other week. The Daily Mail has more photos and commentary.

Kate also appears riding this Electra bicycle in the February 8 issue of Star magazine.

Kate Hudson bicycle dress


  1. Why would she need to cover anything?

  2. shes perfectly good the way she is. at least close.

  3. yeah... Fritz... keep those suggestions to yourself! Jeezzzz!

  4. The problem is that she seems to have tucked the skirt under her to keep it out of the way. I've found it best to let the skirt fall free, and the front of the skirt will just lay flat in front of you, held there by the wind of riding. I'm more worried about her shoes and her toes....

  5. yea kate - you know you were wearing cute shoes before, let's just ruin it and make you struggle in flip flops - oh hollywood :D