Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kinks in the road

This photo reminded me of the math professor who built a square-wheeled bicycle and the road that goes with it. "A square wheel can roll smoothly, keeping the axle moving in a straight line and at a constant velocity, if it travels over evenly spaced bumps of just the right shape. This special shape is called an inverted catenary." You just can't turn that bike: If you turn the square wheels too much, they get out of sync with the inverted catenaries.

My old riding buddy Dreamboy writes about his encounter with a rude motorist between Lyons and Estes Park, Colorado in "Revenge is a dish best served by police officer."

Watch a kinky bike fantasy video from Skittles.

See the incredible mutant offpring aftermath of kinky tree + bike love.

Al Gore visited the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, CA. last week. 2000 foes of Global Warming showed up in their SUVs to listen to Gore and get his autograph. To be fair, I don't expect everybody who shows up at church on Sunday morning to be a saint.

No Impact Man got hit by a car. I love the part where he's getting in the ambulance and the police officer threatens to arrest the victim because he's not carrying any ID.

Read about celebrities and their folding bikes.

What do you think of this gallery of bike lane violations?

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  1. How about this galery of violated bike lanes?