Friday, October 26, 2007

Bicycling the Next Big Thing

Update: The video story here is on the amazingly popular Velib bike rental program in Paris, France. One puzzling thing is reporter Keith Miller's statement that the only big American city with no interest in the project is San Francisco. In fact, San Francisco is considering a bike share program modeled after the Velib program in Paris.

Word is that NBC Nightly News will report tonight (Friday, October 26) that bicycling will be a major mode of transportation in the near future. Tape at, well, whatever time they show the Nightly News. The NBC is already reporting record high crude oil futures that were reached today. They note that OPEC is "set to boost production by 500,000 barrels a day beginning Nov. 1," but some oil industry experts are skeptical if OPEC can meet that production level.

Props to James for the heads up.


  1. "bicycling will be a major mode of transportation in the near future."

    Gee, d'ya think? How come so few f us got the word in 1973, and then in 1978? All through school I heard that oil was finite. So bicycling has been a major mode of transportation in my past. It will continue in my future as long as I have one.

  2. Bicycling was once a major mode of transportation. The rise of the automobile changed that ... but now it is back. I guess you could say that riding is, um, cyclical...

    Imagine, a reporter that doesn't dig deep enough for the facts in this day and age. Shocking!