Friday, August 3, 2007

Online route maps and reality

I tried a few of the online maps to route me from south of the Mississippi River to north of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

I tested the mapping services from Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Mapquest. Yahoo and Mapquest have updated their map information to take the damaged I-35W bridge into account. Google and both try to route me over the Mississippi via the now missing bridge. Click on the map to see all of the screen caps from the various online maps.

Yahoo Maps - Updated! SB

Always verify the accuracy of computer generated routes with reality checks!

Other Minneapolis transportation news

Minneapolis / St Paul Metro Transit is offering free rides next week from select Park & Ride lots. Metro Transit will also deploy extra buses to deal with anticipated demand.


  1. I'm surprised about Google, thought they'd be the first to update something like that, with all their advanced street team and not-so-corporate attitude. Guess I thought wrong.

  2. You are a nerd! ... obviously not enough nerds work for Google. Do what?

  3. BTW -- this was fixed in Google Maps.