Monday, August 6, 2007

Signs of the times

BP has announced its departure from the retail gas business in North Dakota, Texas, Louisiana and Wyoming. North Dakota has experienced fuel shortages all year.

BP says it is abandoning those markets because it cannot meet its goal of supply reliability. In the United States, BP brands include am/pm markets, Amoco, and ARCO.

BP station operators in the U.S. southeast are also reporting that they've been told to find new suppliers.

Fuel shortages that are already endemic across large swathes of Africa and parts of Asia are beginning to hit more remote areas of the United States, where mass transit and even bicycling is not a realistic transportation option.

Folks, this is our breadbasket. If our farmers and ranchers can't buy the fuel to manage our food supply, we're in for some tough times ahead.

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  1. If the government put all the money that's going to Oil towards renewable resources of energy (solar, wind, hydro-electric) we'd all be set. Even Nuclear would give us hundreds of years of power. But instead, all of the tax dollars are going to the war for oil.