Saturday, November 3, 2007

Car R Coffins

Here's the scene today on State Highway 99 near Fresno, California.

More than 100 vehicles, including 18 semitrucks, were involved in this chain reaction pileup that claimed two lives among the dozens who were injured. More in the San Francisco Chronicle. Autumn fog in the Central Valley often leads to spectacularly huge pileups like this one.


  1. Gee you mean drivers don't know to slow down and be more cautious when dangerous conditions are apparent? Whether it's for fog or bicyclists, auto-truck drivers have more excuses...

  2. My car mechanic says, "if you want people to drive safe, get rid of all the airbags and s---, and put a big f---in' spike in the middle of the steering wheel. THEN they'll slow down!"

    I really like my car mechanic.