Monday, November 26, 2007

Vote early and often for cycling funds

The UK Lottery will make £50 Million in funding available to the project that receives the most Internet and mobile phone votes between now and December 12. The British walking and cycling campaign, Sustrans, and other UK cycling groups are campaigning heavily for people to vote for the allocation of these funds to the abitious Connect2 program.

While you can't vote often, Carlton notes that the voting registration site does not ask for UK residency and obliquely hints that American cyclists (*nudge wink*) might help their British cousins in this voting. The other three projects vying for funds are an urban park in the industrial rust belt north of Birmingham, an artistic and educational village in Cornwall, and a project to protect the oaks in ancient Sherwood Forest.

Read more at Quickrelease.TV.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Fritz. The more votes the better. It's cycling that's the winner, not just a bunch of bike projects in the UK.

    The lottery site doesn't say US citizens are prevented from voting. Not that it says they're allowed, mind.