Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bicycle stabbing

This headline about "bicycle stabbing attacks" reminded me of the most awesome bicycle movie of all time, "Prince of Darkness." Watch Alice Cooper help Bill Gates with the slickest bike trackstand of all time in this video clip from the movie. [ Warning: some cinematic blood and gore and a crucified pigeon. ]

What's your favorite biking scene from a movie? Was it that bike jousting scene from "Quick Change"? What about about the "TWO DOLLARS" kid in "Better Off Dead"?


  1. Even tho I haven't seen the whole movie, I like the scene where Mr. 6 Degrees himself rides his messenger bike under a truck in Quicksilver.

    I tried it myself once with a parked trailer blocking a street when I was a courier, but I kinda faked it.

  2. drafting the semi in the small chainring

  3. The last mr Bean movie had a funny bike scene:

  4. As much as parts of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" annoyed me, that line in the bar was the best: "I hope your car has a big trunk, because my bike's going in it."