Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puma bicycle films

Puma presents the Puma I-Cycle short film series. This collection of short films exploring bike culture and the people who influence it is produced and directed by Cinecycle.

The I-Cycle Film Series focuses on some of today’s biggest advocates for two-wheeled life, including - Matthew McGuinness, a cofounder of The 62, a Brooklyn-based art collective who started Re-Bicycle; George Bliss, the man behind New York’s Pedi-cabs; Brendt Barbur, founder of The Bicycle Film Festival; Matthew Modine, actor and founder of Bicycle-For-A-Day, an ongoing initiative to encourage and inspire individuals to leave their cars in the garage and reduce their carbon footprints on the world; and finally, Antonio Bertone, PUMA’s CMO and one of the main reasons for PUMA’s presence in the bicycle world.

Puma I-Cycle.


  1. Gosh. That I-cycle could actually be set up with turn signals. Stick a bike blender rack on the back and it would be the ultimate party machine :D
    Hoping too much definition of bike culture doesn't make it harder to be a middle aged schoolteacher type ...

  2. Puma could really help by bringing out decent tapered touring shoes for toe clips. Smooth sole, somewhat stiff...I hear the retro cycle-styled Pumas don't have the stiffness of the real deal.

    I'm also with Siouxgeonz about us old fogies, some of whom have been carrying the cycling torch through many dark years, even on bikes that don't coast.

  3. I'm glad cycling can be cool as well as functional.