Friday, June 20, 2008

Biking to the bar

Metro Silicon Valley is the local free "alternative" entertainment newspaper. In their feature on "How to be a dive bar superstar," writer Ryan Osterbeck suggests public transportation and even biking to the bar.
Probably the best option is to ride your bicycle. I know that bike riding and fashionable club duds rarely coincide, but the beauty is that your new pals at the dive bar won't really give a rat's ass what you're wearing, as long as you're drinking. Also, both of these options make the DUI specter virtually disappear. You can still get slapped with the old Drunk in Public or the rarely given, but greatly feared BUI (Biking Under the Influence—to lessen your chances of this, make sure your bike has lights, front and back and heed all traffic signs, lights, etc.), but, let's face it, you have to be pretty wasted to get slapped with either of those. Just be responsible.
I'm not sure bicycling while drunk and responsible go together hand in hand, but there you go. I have seen a few folks in fashionable club duds on their bikes in San Jose.


  1. You're at least not much of a danger to others if you BWI.

  2. I had my bike taken away by a friend on our March full moon ride.

    Absolute Vodka promo night, ya know?

  3. I ride my bike to bars as well--counteracts some of the effects of beer to get some exercise, and I'm thrilled to not be in a car after drinking. Wish New Orleans drivers also chose to stay off the road after drinking...*That* is what makes bike riding after dark dangerous around these parts.

  4. Around here they are busting people for BUI. You are technically as responsible as a driver. If you want the rights of a vehicle, you have to take the responsibilities. That being sad, in my drinking days I used to enjoy the challenges of navigating my fixed gear through the darkened streets after an evening drinking without counting.

  5. My girlfriend told me that while you can still get a DUI on a bicycle, you can't on a unicycle because it only has one wheel. One problem though: Although I haven't tried, I highly doubt I can ride a unicycle while sober, let a lone after having a few.