Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Billy Zane on a bicycle

Spring is in the air, which means celebrities riding their bikes! Here's Billy Zane leaving Villa Lounge on his bicycle with a basket.

Billy Zane leaves Villa Lounge on his bicycle with a basket

Jake Gyllenhaal (on the right in black and white below) seen enjoying a bike ride with a friend in Brentwood.

Jake Gyllenhaal enjoying a bike ride in Brentwood


  1. I'm not a movie buff what so ever, so I had to google Billy Zane, and then I still didn't know who he was or really even heard of any of the movies he's been in.

    Jake Gyllenhaal, heard of him but never seen him in a movie either.

    Either way, if it brings attention to bikes and riding bikes, coolio!

  2. No idea myself, to be honest :-) I just pass along what I see

  3. I was thinking, "Zane... Zane Grey?" s

  4. I didn't particularly care for the fact that the caption inferred that Billy was "uncool" because he was riding a bike with a basket. There is even an exclamation point after basket...

    To me, that's the coolest thing about the picture. Oh well, to each his own, I suppose.

  5. I think they both look damn good. Billy's got the awesome traditional tweed kinda look going on and Jake is lookin' mean in those bike shorts.

    You all mean to tell me you don't know who Jake Gyllenhaal is?

    Um. Brokeback Mountain?

    You all just sit at home watching "Breaking Away" on laserdisc all day, don't you? ;)

  6. I also disagree with the 'uncool' caption, but it's part of the terms of the license I agree to when I use these photos. I think the bike is cool.

    @Kit: 'The Karate Kid.' Another cool bike movie, even if the hero does get a car at the end. The bike is Daniel's freedom, independence and transportation and is the metaphor for the 'balance' that Miyagi-san teaches as essential for life and karate.

    Are there bikes in Brokeback Mountain?

  7. I will have to watch the karate kid again with new eyes. :) By the way I love "Breaking Away," although I'm a little skeptical about that kid getting his steel frame up to 60mph.

    No bikes in Brokeback, but they would probably be impractical for back country cattle ranching, so they use a low-emissions vehicle that predates the bike: a horse.