Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late night bike news

There was a lot of activity here Wednesday night from myself, Alison, and Jessica here at Cyclelicious. In case you missed it...

- Jessica Thompson of the League of Illinois Bicyclists reported on the first two days of the 2009 National Bike Summit.

- Celebrity Jessica Alba rides a Velib bicycle in Paris, France.

- Alison Chaiken tells a little about larger than life cyclist Mick Murphy, who reportedly drank blood and ate raw meat.

- Finally, there are a couple of giveaways.

Elsewhere in the bicycle blog-o-sphere...

- Smurfette and Blue Suede Shoes.

- Do women make bikes?

- A new podcast at the Fredcast cycling podcast.

- Bike theft by cutting the spokes.

- More Menlo Park Criterium photos and video at NCNA Racing.

- DIY bike turn signal.

- Michelle Malkin mocks non car transportation as wasteful. Bizarre lady, that one.

That's all folks!


  1. On Malkin.

    I've never understood why conservatives are so car oriented? I didn't know that financially supporting terrorist nations and groups was a new conservative value.

  2. Many so called conservatives are not really conservatives. They preach free markets but conveniently get government to subsidize their roads, highways and oil/auto production.

    Highways built as Main Streets has become a serious problem and has made a larger group of the public dependent on government subsidies. Last week Limbaugh called cyclists mosquitoes. I suppose they should be just wiped off the windshields of lazy drivers.

  3. I agree, the "conservatives" can be looked up in the thesaurus as "hypocrites" as well. Most conservatives that I have come across love to pick and choose what they are "conservative" about. As far as bikers, they should ride with extreme safety, especially in crowded traffic areas. There are outrageous drivers who are intentionally a little careless.

    A great bike safety site is Bike Safety which really lays out the securities to take. Also, a great U-Lock can do wonders for bikers in shady neighborhoods (and everyone who owns a bike really). I usually buy mine from Bike Locks

    Hope that info helps someone.