Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jon Winston of Bikescape

More bike blogging people: Say hello to Jon Winston of the Bikescape Cycling Podcast.

Jon Winston Bikescape.blogspot.com

Jon lives in San Francisco and mostly covers urban issues, transportation and how they relate to cycling. You can see him carrying portable recording equipment to record his podcasts on the fly. Go find some good stuff at his blog.


  1. Oh god! Now I have to post something!

    There's a podcast waiting to be born about biking (or not) in Hong Kong, Preparing for the lifting of the injunction in SF and the bike bloggers meet-up in Sacramento last month.

    Should be up in the next day or so...


  2. Yes, Jon. You must post something witty and timely and less than 1000 words! :) What are you drinking in the picture?