Monday, March 23, 2009

Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton for Rock Racing during the 2009 Tour of California Prologue in Sacramento.

Tyler Hamilton of Rock Racing: 2009 Amgen Tour of California Prologue

Hamilton was scheduled to race in this week's Vuelta Castilla y León stage race but pulled out because of bronchitis, according to Rock Racing. Francisco Mancebo took Hamilton's place as team leader for Rock Racing.

Other nonsense that I originally published about Hamilton deleted, although it lives forever in the world of RSS.


  1. Can't we just accept that a large number of pro athletes use performance enhancing drugs? The prohibition isn't working.

  2. I would think if this rumor is true he will be banned for life. I hope it's not true.

  3. BTW if this rumor turns out to be not true. Kirk Flinte of Hincapie Sportswear will need to read "Twitter gets you fired in 140 characters or less"

  4. Kirk Flinte removed his tweet and replaced it with an inane comment about the weather.

    It's probably a baseless rumor. I just wanted an excuse for posting my photo of Tyler Hamilton here :-)

  5. All cycling race results should be regarded as "preliminary". They become "official" only when the drug test results are in.

    This is why I have given up on watching the races. The guy who crosses the finish line first could still be disqualified.

  6. guys like Hamilton should have been banned for life. Check out Bike Pure one of the world's largest anti-doping organizations for fans trying to help cycling.

  7. Just a small correction: Hamilton was originally suspended for Homologous Blood Doping (injected someone else's red blood cells into his system) and not for EPO.

  8. Thanks Anon, corrected. I've lost track though -- he was positive for EPO somewhere, wasn't he?

  9. Repeating rumors is neither fair nor ethical. Works the same in cycling and politics. Is it worth potentially damaging a person's reputation to repeat stories with no basis in fact? Hamilton did the crime and served his time. He's starting over with a clean slate. If he gets nailed again, we'll find out from legitimate sources soon enough.

  10. "It's probably a baseless rumor. I just wanted an excuse for posting my photo of Tyler Hamilton here"

    I turn to this site for good nuggets of solid information. This is totally not something I expected here or on Twitter.

  11. Lance Pharmstrong
    Frankie Andreu
    Roid Flandis
    Tyler Liar Hamilton
    Roberto Heras
    Ivan Basso
    Benoit Joachim
    Manuel Beltran
    Pavel Pardrnos

    All confirmed USPO/Discovery/Astana drug cheats.

    They all began doping before age 18!

    Pro cycling = Life sciences

  12. *sigh* Sad to hear that news today.

  13. Too bad you bailed on your initial post. You were right all along.