Friday, December 29, 2006

Bicycle blogs

Returning the link love. Here are bicycle and other blogs that have linked here over the past two or three weeks.

The Wash Cycle: Cycling advocacy in the Washington D.C. area.
Go Clipless.
Rad Spannerei: Cycling in German.
Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space on urban development.
Cycling Edinburgh.
Podium Cafe.
Meredith the Bike Messenger in Washington D.C.
Wheels of Justice in Australia.
Masi Guy.
CKs blog by a NYC marketing gal and friend of Masiguy.
Freewheeling spirit.
Roger Kramer is a cyclist near St. Louis, MO.
Jill is Up In Alaska.
Bike Commute Tips.
Cycling Dude.

I'm returning the link love here. If you've linked to Cyclelicious over the past couple of weeks but I missed you, please feel free to comment here.


  1. Those are the coolest bike blog names ...

    Man ...

  2. The new phone book's here! I'm *somebody*!

  3. Thanks for the love, Fritz! By the way, I'm the main stockholder in your blog over on Blogshares!

  4. Thanks for the love brother!

    For the record; CK is totally kick ass! "Carless and single" doesn't do her justice as a description.

  5. Great list. A few of these are new to me. i'll have to check them out.

  6. Always love a good blog list - you've been linked in a post on awhile back. Will add you again to the links section too. Thanks for providing such a cool place to surf!

    La Squadra Obscura

  7. Thanks for the link love Fritz :)

  8. Thanks for linking. You've been on my blogroll almost from the very start. Hope you had a great new years, and have great plans for more bicycling in 2007.