Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday mashup of bicycle news ... Contest too!

CycleDog refers to an LA Times article about doping in sports and the World Anti Doping Agency.
The worldwide sports anti-doping program, created to fight performanceenhancing drug use in international athletics, imposes severe punishments for accidental or technical infractions, relies at times on disputed scientific evidence and resists outside scrutiny, a Times investigation has found.
Part 2 specifically addresses the role of the WADA in cycling.

Governing magazine reports on the growing trend in the United States to make our cities more bicycling friendly. Via Streetsblog.

City Cycling is an ezine about city cycling. The current issues discusses YouTube cycling videos.

Contest: $50 Gift Certificate

Update: Contest is closed. Warrent T is the winner.

Download the Chicago Critical Mass 2007 Calendar and win a $50 gift certificate. Comment below with the correct month that Cyclelicious is mentioned in the calendar and I'll select a winner randomly from the commenters. Prize is a $50 gift card from Random drawing will be held Wednesday at noon. YOUR COMMENT MUST INCLUDE SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFO -- this could be a or Flickr profile, or a link to a contact form on a website, or an email address that can be made valid by me. Technical issues preventing you from leaving a comment are not my problem. Life isn't fair. Winner will be contacted via email and, after a response, the winner may be announced on Cyclelicious. IF YOU DON'T READ YOUR EMAIL YOU WON'T GET YOUR PRIZE.


  1. The correct month would be "August".

    In the highly unlikely event that my unlucky streak comes to an end, you can reach me at this address: drumbum at gmail dot com.


  2. Um, but Fritz, if I tell you which month here on this forum, mmm, everyone will know. That said, the month would be august. (vickijean @ gmaildotcom)

  3. Yes, the month would be August - you rock cyclelicious.

  4. Although I'm partial to the header sheet for November ... I'll have to answer August as well. warren_lee913 at yahoo dot com works for the contest.

  5. Yes, August. Do you not also get a mention on the page titled '120602' aka 'page 2' maybe? Oh, yeah, fixedgear at hotmail dot com!

  6. I'll go with "August" it is too popular to choose another.

    Blogger profile should give way to an email, right? Even if I have not posted to the blog owned by my profile.... maybe.

  7. My father really wanted to name me August, but my mother refused. My father was looking forward to nicknames like Auggie and Gus. They ultimately settled on Karl. August is the month. :)

    karl [auf] kstoerz [punkt] com


  8. Is it August? Oh yes, I guess it is.

  9. Yeah for August! And cycleicious. No brown-nosing here.

  10. Well, I'm going to jump on the 'August' bandwagon.

    Nice lookin' calendar...


    mallfellow at gmail dot com

  11. Oh, it is August, indeed. Bravo

    (info at realityczar dot net)

  12. August would be the month! (I just came across your website today.. and found this contest!) Email is