Thursday, March 1, 2007

Caltrain fare increase

Caltrain fares to go up 25 cents per zone. Starting Monday, April 2, Caltrain’s will implement a new fare increase. The new fares will increase by 25 cents per zone. There is no change to fares within a single zone. In June 2006, the Caltrain board voted to implement this increase to help cover escalating operation costs. Passenger fares cover approximately 40 percent of the cost to run the service.

Monthly passes for April will be sold at the new fare rate, even if purchased before the 2nd of the month. My two zone monthly pass goes up from $99.50 to $106.00. See the full fare structure here.

Caltrain also announced a change to seven southbound morning-commute train departure times. See changed San Francisco departure times here.

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