Thursday, March 8, 2007

PowerGrips bicycle pedals

These are my shoes in PowerGrips pedals.

Manic Monday

Michael Downes writes in praise of PowerGrips at Bicycle Design.

For those not familiar with PowerGrips, they're a lot like the old style clips and straps. A diagonal strap of slightly flexy fabric from the front of the pedal to the side keeps your foot somewhat secure on the pedal. Unlike clips and straps, however, a simple twist and pull of your foot releases your foot from the PowerGrips strap. Insertion is the reverse -- come in slightly from the side and straighten the foot into position on the pedal automatically cinches the strap tight. It's really pretty clever.

PowerGrips site.

PowerGrips product review at

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  1. I used these for years. You can get extra long ones that fit over snow boots for winter riding.

    The only problem is that they wear out the uppers on your shoes.