Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mercedes Benz bicycle

Update: I just noticed Phil @ Spinopsys beat me to this.

Mercedes-Benz introduced three bicycles this week. Mercedes Fitness, Trekking and road racing bikes were designed at ADP Engineering. ADP Engineering creates the 'Rotwild' brand of bikes in Germany.

The aluminum "Fitness" bikes are equipped with shock-absorbing forks, Shimano Alivio derailleurs, disk brakes, kickstand, and LED lights. The Fitness sells for about US$1,300. Similarly equipped comfort bicycles from the local bike shop sell for less than half that.

Mercedes "Trekking" bikes are similar, but with hub dynamo, rear rack, and auto-on halogen front light.

The $5,200 carbon fiber racing bicycle is Campy equipped to "ensure that the attractiveness of the Mercedes-Benz racing bike captivates both aficionados and seasoned cycling professionals alike."

The bikes will be available from "Mercedes-Benz sales partners" beginning in May, according to their press release. Read the full press release and see more photos at Autoblog.

Mercedes Benz bicycle


  1. umm if i hate the SUV how can i love the bike? "Puking noise"

  2. When I bought a Mercedes 400e parts.. I saw that bike in my local auto shop... My son ask if I could buy him one... He just have to wait til his birthday...

  3. Hi,
    I have a difficult time locating the "Mercedes-Benz Fitness Bike" I'm very interested in purchasing a sport model, but I'm given a run-around by the local dealers, I assume they just don't want to deal with a such a small purchase. I live in So. Cal, do you have an idea what would be the best way to purchase one of these bikes?
    Thanks for the help,

  4. Mercedes Benz continues to send press releases regarding their special bikes well into this year, so I'm wondering if this is for the European market only. Sorry that I can't help yuo more than that.