Monday, March 5, 2007

How riding a bike changed my life

Nice article at Koen's Ride: "I rode to and from work every day. I rode around on the weekends. I wanted to ride all the time! Eventually, I found myself taking “the long way home”, just to spend more time on my bike. I loved the freedom, the flexibility, the speed I experienced even pedaling up hill. I loved the exertion, the burning sensation, the fast breath, the pure work, all of which would inevitably end up with a coast down the other side of the biggest hill I could find (this is not hard in San Francisco). I had discovered my heaven. Then my knee broke." Read more.

More discoveries from Digg

"Starting in April, Mexico City civil servants will have to ride a bicycle to work, at least the first Monday of every month, under an executive order signed by Federal District Governor Marcelo Ebrard." More about Mexico City bicycling bureacrats.

Remember the 10,000 bike bell bike I mentioned earlier? Here's video of this fish-shaped bike in operation.

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