Friday, April 25, 2008

Bicycle education material in Spanish

To better serve families and communities throughout the state, Bicycle Colorado's education team is translating key Safe Routes to School materials into Spanish. More than 70,000 school-age students speak primarily Spanish in Colorado, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Providing our handouts and education materials in both English and Spanish allows us to effectively reach out to more students and families within our communities with bicycle and pedestrian safety messages," said Maggie Thompson, Bicycle Colorado education director.

Bicycle Colorado wants all bicyclists in the state to have access to safety information and the rules of the road. After all, when more people ride bikes more often, everyone benefits.


  1. Will it be available on line (like LIB stuff is, on PDF)?

  2. I don't think their English language material is available online, so probably not. It's a good suggestion, though.

  3. doubt about it...this is a worthwhile venture from both an educational standpoint & the simple concept of reaching out to the latin community...

  4. (we've had people asking for it and I think it might be in the works here.)