Monday, April 28, 2008

Kanstantin Sivtsov

Who in the world is Kanstantin Sivtsov? How many spellings of that name have you seen? And how do you pronounce Siutsou / Sivtsov / Sweet Sue? And is it Konstantin or Kanstantin?

For those who don't know, Kanstantin Sivtsov is the young cyclist on Team High Road who won the Tour de Georgia this last weekend. Sweet Sue hails from Belarus, for whom he dreams of riding for the Olympic cycling team.

Frankie Andreu caught up to Kanstantin in this video interview. Sivtsov is obviously very proud of his Team High Road jersey, and he doesn't look or sound anything like Belov from "American Flyers."

See also Kanstantin Sivtsov's page at Team High Road website.


  1. However you pronounce his name, he sure can ride. we were standing 300 meters from the finish and expecting to see Leipheimer and Lowe round the corner. Instead, we saw that High Road jersey and he was just putting the hammer down. Man, it was a great race.

    Sivtsov was grinning ear to ear on the podium. It was great to see him enjoying his big day.

  2. ...fritz & matter how his name is spelled or pronounced, the energy & enthusiasm the young man exudes in that interview just kinda makes you feel hopeful for the future of pro bike racing...

  3. He doesn't look like Belov but he does look like David...

  4. Separated at birth, Chris!

    You don't happen to have a Belov photo, do you? I hunted around for one of him with his mountain man beard and that funky helmet.

    I loved that enthusiasm he showed on the podium, too. He was obviously thrilled with his win.