Thursday, April 24, 2008

Patrick Dempsey rides a bike

"Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey is seen riding the streets of Brentwood fully kitted out on what looks like a 2008 Specialized Tarmac SL. And boy, he sure does like the full Specialized kit, but then Specialized sponsors his car racing team.

Patrick Dempsey spoke with Bicycling magazine a short time back where he talks about how he got into bicycling. He says, "There are two types of riders: There are the ones who are very friendly, but then there are the ones who take themselves way too seriously and ignore you. I don't know where the attitude comes from. It's like we're all out there having a good time, but they're too cool for school."

See more photos at Bauer Griffin, Socialite's Life, Grey's Anatomy News. Dempsey even bought his daughter a little pink Specialized bicycle.


  1. wait, specialized sponsors a car racing team?

    the same specialized that puts out this t-shirt and jersey?

  2. Kinda weird, huh? The press release from last December almost looks like an April Fools joke:

    Today Specialized Bicycle Components announced a marketing and technical partnership with Hyper Sport LLC and its professional sports car racing programs in the Grand Am-sanctioned Rolex Series and Koni Challenge Series. As the Official Fitness Partner for Hyper Sport, Specialized will provide equipment and training support for the Hyper Sport drivers and team, including actor and professional driver Patrick Dempsey and co-drivers Joe Foster, Charles Espenlaub and Rick Skelton.

    Once Dempsey witnessed the 2007 Tour de France as a guest of Specialized, he incorporated near daily rides on his Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL2 road bike into his training regime. “My first experience in the SoBe Mazda RX-8 GT last season really struck home the importance of cardio training as well as overall muscular balance. I really enjoy riding as my primary cardio activity, and our whole team is very excited to be associated with Specialized. Patrick’s co-driver Joe Foster adds “Specialized is a perfect match, along with our partners Mazda and SoBe, who both market toward a fitness-oriented audience.”

    As a premier manufacturer of high-end road and mountain bikes and equipment, Specialized is excited to expose their brand to the thousands of high-end sports car fans, drivers and teams in the Grand Am paddock.

    “Sponsoring a professional sports car racing team is a natural extension of the work we are already doing with professional athletes and teams in both the bicycle and motor-sports sectors. Our motor-sports athletes demand the highest fit and technology when it comes to race material, and through bicycles, we can offer the same for their training. We’re excited to bring that technology and expertise to Hyper Sport,” said Ben Capron, Specialized Global Marketing Director.

  3. Yeah, twisted for sure. The T-Shirt I got as swag from a local shop and the jerseys they are selling mock the "Nascar" logo - playing with the colors and screaming "OneLessCar" in the NASCAR blocky letters, and "Racing" in script - all with the checkered flags and such.

    Sad, for sure. Maybe GM will buy them.

  4. Howdy--

    I'm a waver and a helmet-nodder. I've even been known to thrown down a peace sign or a shaka-brah if I'm somehow really moved. I love seeing other people on bikes.

    On the other hand, I never quite get it when someone is so put off when they don't get love from other riders. We all have bad days, and I know I don't always feel like offering a cheery greeting to every stranger I see, even if they favor the same mode of conveyance.

    I think Patrick is a little self-conscious about sporting that team kit (I know I would be), and he's looking for some personal affirmation. If you don't wave to him, he's not cool; hence, you're too cool.

    Happy Trails,

  5. I admit that I've felt snubbed by passing cyclists, but on the other hand I've also done the snubbing myself as a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. ...guilty as charged (pot calling kettle...), but i love being all kitted out & offering a cheery hello to an older couple out on their neighborhood bicycle constitutional...just may be me in 20 years...