Monday, April 21, 2008

Tour de Georgia 2008

The 2008 Tour de Georgia started today, with Stage 1 already complete. In the blogosphere, Steephill.TV has probably the most comprehensive collection of links to Tour de Georgia coverage. Ken Conley is there to shoot photos. James T plans to be there shooting photos starting this Thursday.

I spoke with Joe Eldridge a while back. Joe and Phil Southerland started the Team Type 1 pro cycling team, which is racing in the Tour de Georgia. They and several other Team Type 1 athletes have Type 1 Diabetes. Their goal is to win an invitation to the Tour de France in five years and to become the first team in a ProTour event with a diabetic athlete. I'll post the full interview later.

Dave Z is known for his stupid interview questions, so Ken Conley turned the tables on him with this YouTube video.

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