Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

I'll be encouraging bicycles as transportation at lunch today during an Earth Day event at my job. Interest was fairly high last year; it should be interesting to see what happens this year.

Zero Per Gallon: I saw gas priced at $4.05 for regular in Palo Alto and Menlo Park this morning. While I was stopped at a light this morning a pair of wild women in the Jeep Cherokee next to me started shouting at me. "I LOVE your sticker! Zero dollar gas! WAY TO GO! Woooooo!" I think they might also have been attracted to my Chrome cycling knickers. They come with some wicking padding in the seat so I tried wearing them commando today. It doesn't work; I need more support than they provide.

Danes ride their bicycles at The Happiest Place on Earth.
The Magic Kingdom: Every other bike blog's gonna mention it, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon about this news that Denmark is The Happiest Place On Earth, as long as you don't dress funny, look funny, and talk funny (like the old B'nai B'rith radio spot used to say).

Sea Otter: Rich Kelly was at Sea Otter and he posted several good videos to Interbike Times. I have video of Rich doing unmentionable things with Arleigh's new handlebar which I'll try to post in the near future.

The Bike Nazi gets all holier than thou in this Earth Day editorial.

I have a bunch of giveaways (including a turn signal, Sue) coming up so stay tuned. Have a happy Earth Day, all!


  1. "They come with some wicking padding in the seat so I tried wearing them commando today. It doesn't work; I need more support than they provide."

    Some things are better left unsaid.

  2. ...well now, the denmark thing is a huge dichotomy...a country to be greatly admired for it's bicycle consciousness but apparently lacking in certain social concerns...
    ...what a shame as the tag "the most racist country in europe" doesn't quite match up well w/ "the happiest place on earth"...

  3. nice photos from sea otter!

    now I am thinking I should have gone

    well actually...

    now i am thinking I could have gone

    never thought that the wedding party and the race could have mixed

    but I could have done it

    a later flight and a bike
    that is all it would have taken
    a later flight and a bike

  4. Commando? Maybe those girls were admiring your top tube?

  5. Sorry Michael. The Chromes seem like they might be designed sort of like bike shorts with a thin chamois-like pad in the seat area of the pants. Unfortunately, they don't work that well for me.

    Gwadzilla, ah well. People before things, IMO.

  6. $145 for cycling knickers with inadequate chamois! No wonder you felt reasonable in recommending those cute but expensive new women's cycling shorts.

  7. I've got one of those Zero Per Gallon stickers on my bike, too. I always wonder: why is it 9/10 instead of 0/10?