Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bicycle product reviews

You know those buyer product reviews you see at retailer websites like REI, Trek, Sierra Trading Post and so forth? Those reviews are all managed by Power Reviews, which hosts the reviews and filters the content for spam.

In addition to getting published on the retailer website, those reviews are also published to Buzzillions. Online orders or product registrations are linked to email addresses, and the retailer sends a request to the buyer for a review that will be posted to both the retailer website and to Buzzillions.

If you're looking for reviews for cycling product, Buzzillions has created a Buzzillions Cycling Reviews category specifically for bikes, components, accessories, clothing and other cycling products. They have reviews on literally thousands of products.

An interesting feature for bloggers is the ability to directly post reviews to your blog. You click a button, enter in your blog info including username and password, and viola -- you have an automatic review post for your blog. I tested this feature out but I couldn't get it to work with Cyclelicious, which uses for posting.

There are also RSS feeds available, though I don't see any for just the cycling category. Let me know what you think of this kind of stuff.

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  1. Yeah, our post to blog isn't working on the live site, but we fixed it for our next release.

    It's pretty hard to explain what we do, but you did a really good job so thanks!