Friday, July 11, 2008

Highway 17 Bikes on Board -- no changes

Bikes on Board the Highway 17 Express bus service was on the agenda this morning at the Santa Cruz Metro Board meeting. People Power director Micah Posner attended the meeting and spoke on behalf of cyclists who use the Highway 17 service.

Five bikes on the bus / Highway 17 Express San Jose to Santa Cruz
Because of input from cyclists as well as the drivers' representative, Bonnie Moore, and Metro General Manager Les White, several board members asserted their commitment to allowing bikes on board when it's reasonable to allow them on board.

Because of capacity issues, the board and others attending also discussed ways to mitigate the problems that are now occurring with crowding on the Highway 17 service. In addition to the existing folding bike subsidy in Santa Cruz County, the board also talked about things like a bike sharing program and additional bike storage capacity at the Santa Cruz Metro.

Les White mentioned that there are currently three openings on the citizen Metro Advisory Committee, and that cyclists are not currently represented on that committee. MAC meetings are one Wednesday a month at 6 PM. Contact People Power in Santa Cruz if you want to be on that committee.

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  1. ...glad to see good results from that meeting so you & others can continue the bus, bike & sometimes train commute...

    ...hope that "when it's reasonable to allow them on board" isn't a cryptically hidden message...

    ...but it sounds like they're trying to be accommodating to cyclists in various ways...