Monday, July 14, 2008

Tour de France Stage 10

KWC really should consider a career in sports writing, although his current profession pays much better I'm sure. Check this out:
We get a rock 'em sock 'em mountain stage with carnage spread over two giant mountains. The race was blown up like a pinata by CSC and Saunier Duval swept in to pick up the candy.
The only thing missing was a metaphor about storming the gates of Bastille on this French national holiday in which French cyclist Rémy Di Grégorio of Française des Jeux win Most Aggressive Rider. Compare against this humdrum "just the facts" reporting from Velo News:
Cadel Evans (Silence-Lotto) seized the yellow jersey atop Hautacam on Monday as Leonardo Piepoli (Saunier Duval-Scott) won the mountainous stage 10 of the Tour de France.

Alistair at Pez Cycling shows some enthusiasm about today's mountain stage, and Bike Hiker is camping in the woods so he's following and covering le Tour through his cell phone which sounds either abusive or dedicated. More also from TdF Blog, and the other usual suspects.

Who will win le Tour? Masiguy has a poll up at his site where most voters now are picking Cadel Evans. Before today's stage I would have picked Valverde but he's toast now.


  1.'s pezcycling news for my money...oh, really ???...i can stop sending checks...ahh, they probably all bounced anyway...

    ...pez has a daily race report, a regular 'tour de pez' 'human interest' story & a 'tour de france' coach article for each stage, wherein chris carmicheal adds some interesting insight regarding what's transpired on each stage...

    ...been a fan, since i realized as fritz pointed out, that their posts (& photos) are not the typically dry reportage of the "usual suspects"...v-news & c-news journalists cross their t's & dot their i's like they learned in school but as far as personality, ehh, not so much...

    ...bob 'bobke' roll is doing a nice daily blog during the tdf over at road bike action & as most will know, mr roll is always entertaining...tim maloney is in france & writes well for that same rag...

    ...just my deux francs worth...

  2. don't forget the daily distractions :)