Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bicycle service and parts kiosk

Update: Treks 1 World 2 Wheels blog talks about this bike parts vending machine in detail today.

The Trek Stop is a self service bicycle repair kiosk with a vending machine for parts like tire tube, patch kit, energy bar and so forth, according to James @ Bicycle Design.

It's a really cool idea. I like there's even a clamp to hold your bike up for repair work. There's an air hose, message board, area map and even a video monitor that can show instructions on how to perform repairs.

I can see something like this in areas with lots of bike use like Palo Alto or San Francisco, and somebody suggested popular mountain bike trails as another possible location for these kiosks. I've been without tube or patch after hours a time or two; something like this would have been handy.

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  1. ...great after-hours addendum to any shop, for the early morning or late evening commuter...passing cyclo-tourists may find themselves accommodated at odd hours also...

  2. What prevents theft and vandalism?

  3. looks like there is a little camera on there...