Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bicycle promotion Huntsville Alabama

The city of Huntsville, Alabama will begin promoting cyclists' rights with an ad campaign on city buses.

Rolling billboards attached to city buses will try to hammer home the point "that bicycles are vehicles, they're allowed on the road," [bike commuter Jamie] Miernik said Wednesday.

"There's a percentage of drivers out there," she said, "that really think bikes are not safe to be on the road with them."

This part here about cyclist education for police officers was interesting.
More than 400 Huntsville police officers have taken a refresher course on bicycle laws.

City Administrator Rex Reynolds, a former police chief, said that was done because an officer wrongly used his vehicle's loudspeaker to order a group of cyclists from the road onto the sidewalk.

Cyclists are prohibited from riding on sidewalks in Alabama.

"That was a reality check for us," Reynolds said Wednesday. "We needed to go back and make sure our officers are aware of the bicycle laws."

Read more at AL.COM: "Loud" ads on Huntsville city buses will promote cycling safety. Unless you like aggravation, avoid reading the idiot comments after the article.


  1. hahaha comments are the worst!

  2. "Unless cyclists can travel at the posted speed limit they are a hazard."

    That comment never ceases to amaze me. Some people really believe that the "Speed Limit" is actually the "Speed Requirement."

    I'm glad to see they're going in the direction of education. All the bike racks int he world can't do as much as an authoritative voice saying "Bikes belong."