Monday, November 2, 2009

GUILTY all 7 counts

The jury returned a verdict this afternoon to conclude Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson's road rage trial in Los Angeles. He's the guy who passed a pair of cyclists then slammed on his brakes to allegedly "teach them a lesson."
  • Assault with a deadly weapon - GUILTY.
  • Reckless driving causing specified bodily injury - GUILTY.
  • Battery with serious bodily injury - GUILTY.
  • Mayhem - GUILTY.

Details at Velonews and LA Times Blog.

SoapBoxLA was at the trial live blogging the verdict through Twitter. He's been following this case closely and I'm sure he'll post details of the trial later tonight on his blog.

See also:
* LAPD arrests Christopher Thompson: Assault with a deadly weapon
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  1. Yes! I am glad this guy is off the road. He did not deserve to drive. We need to remember the guys who reported this guy the first time he did this.

  2. One down millions to go. Unfortunately it takes an expensive court case to prove the obvious.