Monday, November 23, 2009

"No greater hazard than bicycles"

Danny loves Sidi Ergo shoes. He blogged about 9 Driving Habits That Most Annoy Cyclists and lists a lot of the usual suspects: right hooks, inattentive driving, etc.

The thing that tops my list? Clueless idiots who insist that "there is no greater hazard on the road than bicyclists" and who believe that traffic violations are somehow limited to cyclists.


  1. I think Naked Women riding up Ventoux can be hazardous too!

  2.'re a little more subtle than i, in responding to that "clueless idiot" & his comment...

    ...i hope site moderator danny won't be offended by my comment directed towards degrance but obviously he visits the site & i fully believe what i had to say to him...

  3. #1 IMO is DISTRACTION, even good-courteous drivers become annoying, more dangerous and more unpredictable. Getting buzzed is so common I only notice it when it doesn't happen.