Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bike safety in Iraq

I think helmets and the reflective strap are required by the military. I know umpteen years ago motorcycle riders were required to wear safety vests when riding on post / base.

How could this bike "safety" video be better? And is it okay for Sgt Hatchet to create more danger for a cyclist because he's not wearing a helmet?


  1. Welp, that thing with the horns *is* like unto a helmet, ya know. Prob'ly not Snell approved...
    And I LOVE the "STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS!" closing.
    A prayer for a day when such gear is a costume for play and they're not dodging explosives...

  2. I totally forgot to mention Hatchet and Greenman riding together on a single saddle is against the rules as well!

  3. So hatchet and Greenman... don't ask don't tell?

  4. That is freakin' awesome!!!!! Listening to the "Spice Girls"... heheheheh. I am always going to use the line "No one's safe when I'm angry!".