Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicago bike parking locations

This is amazing: The Chicago Department of Transportation created what looks to me like a stunningly useful Chicago bike parking locator.

Chicago Bike Rack info

To find bike parking, you enter a ZIP code, Ward, community area, CTA station or Metra station and you see a map of nearby bike parking along with transit facilities and bike shops in the area. It's pretty cool.

Props to Steve Vance for the heads up on this.


  1. So I can tell everybody why I think this is useful (I mean, I developed to fulfill a need), but I would love to hear why others think this is (or might be) useful.

  2. Sounds similar to another initiative taken by that lets users locate desired locations for bike racks in NYC. Check it out :

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  3. Really nice to see this. There are so many bike parkings available! Oh my got. I dont find so many car parkings in my country.