Friday, June 29, 2007

Bicycle blog weekend

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A couple of people have asked about the Streetview contest. I'm very sorry about the delay, but we're working on it. I'm very embarrassed but I'll get it straightened out soon!

I met Robert "Scoblelizer" Scoble's 13-year-old son Patrick this morning. He's first in line at the Palo Alto Apple store waiting to buy the new iPhone. Nice kid. The lines in San Francisco and San Jose are much longer and are getting all the media attention, but Palo Alto is geek central. His dad and several other famous geeks are in line there, too, including folks from every tech startup in the valley handing out food and schwag. If I was driving, I would not have been able to meet and chat with these people.

Alan Snel makes a neat compare and contrast between Lance Armstrong and Ray with his duct-tape bike.

Arleigh says "Driving is the pits."

Americans on the 2007 TdF team rosters announced.

Tight tires? Here's a tire removal tip.

Another neat tip from Dave Moulton: The string alignment test.

Cafiend posts his Fixed Gear Primer. I'm a wussie, but I don't care.

New bike map for Arlington County, Virginia. I like bike maps.

Odd doping results.

Chrome does urban cycling shoes now.

Waterloo, Iowa Rules for Riding: "No rider of a bicycle shall practice any fancy or acrobatic riding or stunts or participate in any race, speed or endurance contest."

The "Adaptive Mountain Biking Festival" in Keystone, Colorado features human powered bikes and handcycles for disabled riders.

Quiet revolution...


  1. I saw you on Shooby's live feed. You getting an iPhone, or did you just show up to say hi to everyone cool there? lol

  2. You're kidding! That's so cool. I spelled out my blog name for Justin/Shooby but I didn't even think that somebody might be watching the feed!

  3. So, that's why you've neglected the contest. You've been waiting in line for an iPhone.