Monday, June 11, 2007

A downside to naked cycling

One of the downsides of World Naked Bike Rides, especially if your health care isn't what it should be.

Can somebody clue me in on Bike Pong?

Helmet safety & the CPSC: Apparently nobody considers the paperwork requirements to be onerous. "No comments were received in response to the notice."

California sues cities for bad urban planning. Wow. "California is pioneering what could be the next battleground against global warming: filing suit to hold cities and counties accountable for greenhouse gas emissions caused by poorly planned suburban sprawl."

Bicycle basket deters theft. I like that idea.

Man-eating wolves in Michigan!

Why in the world does the UCI offer to sponsor skateboarding as an Olympic sport? Because sk8rs dope less than cyclists? I can't figure this one out.

Thanks for the many comments on the amoral bicycle commute!


  1. I think that Bike Pong compares the cars to the paddles in Pong and the bikes to the ball: the cars were batting the bikes around like they're playing a game of Pong, in other words. I haven't heard the phrase before but that's how I interpreted it from the post.

  2. LIkewise. 2 much of it these days.

  3. There's a fascinating debate over the WNBR at Ridwan Laher's blog, Fatima & Ahmed's son: Here