Monday, June 4, 2007

Bike to work testimonial

By Gillian Zaharias of Mountain View, California.
Roundtrip miles biked each weekday: 14.

Commute time, including 13 traffic lights: 30 minutes each way.

Days I've driven a car to work in the past five years: fewer than 10.

Accidents involving cars or pedestrians: Zero.

Patience level being in a car during commute hours: Very low.

Satisfaction level zipping past a long line of backed-up cars: High.

CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere each year: 2.6 tons (yes, tons).

Gas money saved each year, at current prices: $900.

Frequency of decadent dessert consumption: Daily.

Body Mass Index: Low.

Guilt over eating said sweets: None.

Cost of high-quality bicycle: $800.

Amount I would have spent to purchase a car and insurance if not biking: A lot more than $800.

Cycling gear and maintenance costs during the past five years: under $230.

Flat tires since installing Mr. Tuffy liners a year and a half ago: Zero.

Bike theft insurance per month, covering complete replacement: $2.

Living a low-carbon lifestyle and practicing what I'd preach if I were the preaching type: Priceless.

Remember, June is Colorado Bike Month. Colorado Bike To Work Day is Wednesday, June 27, 2007.


  1. As Gillian said, there are so many good things about replacing driving with biking.

    A favorite while passing a line of cars in traffic, is the inevitable SUV that squeezes right as a blocking move. It's so simple to slow, weave over to the left, pass, and give a nod.

  2. I occasionally get the same thing as Midnight. I do the same thing -- just pass on the left.

    Thanks for dropping by, Donna!