Friday, June 15, 2007

New Jersey passes quick-release ban

The New Jersey state legislature passed a bill that will ban the sale of many bicycles equipped with quick-release skewers. The ban, introduced by Gloucester Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, passed the state Assembly 77-3.

The bill prohibits the sale of QR equipped bicycles with a wheel diameter of 20 inches or less. While intended to for children's bicycles, the law as written also affects many adults bicycles such as folding bicycles and recumbents.

The legislation has not received consideration from the state Senate yet so this is not state law. If you're in New Jersey, though, you want to keep on eye on what kind of legislation is proposed for your Senate.

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  1. As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate living in New Jersey anyways...

  2. I just heard (haven't confirmed yet tho) that the legislator introducing this law is the patent holder for the "readily available technology" Can anyone confirm this?

    surely just a coincidence! NJ ain't corrupt...


  3. The inventors and patent holders of Montague's Clix quick release are Harry and David Montague.

    I do know that Montague (inventor of the Clix Quick Release has been active with legislators attempting to push these kinds of laws. See my commentary here about this.