Monday, June 18, 2007

New Jersey Quick Release Bill and Clix

BRaIN seems to have been correct about the New Jersey quick release ban: I read an earlier version of the bill, but the amendments passed by the New Jersey Assembly includes plenty of contradictory text. Weird stuff. Also, some of the amendments seem custom-written for Montague Bicycle's "Clix" quick release system. Check this out: 'Advances in quick release technology make it right and proper that the new mechanisms—which are less prone to assembler and user error—be used in place of the old2' and '“secondary retention device” means a device that retains the bicycle wheel in the bicycle fork when the primary retention device is disengaged.' This legislation is an infomercial for Montague!

Thanks to the several people who commented to set me straight.

September 29, 2007 Update: I asked Montague directly about this and they denied any involvement or lobbying in the proposed New Jersey legislation.

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  1. We tested the Clix here and it was LESS safe than a standard skewer! We tried it several times too; the wheel just flopped right out and rolled across the floor!