Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cannondale crankset recall

Cannondale announced a recall of the cranksets for several of their bicycle models (listed below). According to Cannondale, FSA incorrectly heat treated the aluminum bottom bracket spindles on some of these bikes. This manufacturing error caused cracks that can lead to a complete crankset failure, with risk of serious injury or death. Cannondale asks affected customers to bring their bikes in to the dealer for inspection, where the dealer will remove the crankset, clean and inspect the bottom bracket spindle for cracks. If cracks are present the customer will receive a new crankset at no cost.

Affected 2007 bicycle models include the Synapse Carbon SL1, Ironman 1, System 6 Team 1, System 6 Team 3, Cyclocross SL 1, Taurine 1 SL, and Rush Carbon 2. The 2008 System 6 Liquigas 3 is also affected. Visit Cannondale's recall information page for more details.

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