Saturday, December 1, 2007

Basil panniers in the US?

Does anybody know of anyone who imports Basil Panniers into the United States? Are there other recommendations for stylish panniers for my wife's new bike?


  1. I recommend contacting Clever Chimp. They have a wonderful selection documented on their flickr site.

  2. Todd at Clever Cycles in Portland OR has a bunch of Basil stuff. Give him a call, I bet he can help you out.


  3. I think that they have the entire Basil pannier/bag/basket line, so if you see it in the Basil catalog, I bet Todd has it. or 503.334.1560

    BTW, Fritz, I have one of the Basil bag/panniers and it is really beautiful and beautifully made.

    (Or maybe you should make a fieldtrip to PDX!)

  4. THanks all. I just heard from Martina at Clever Cycles and we're talking (via email) now about the bag, color and shipping. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am kind of tempted to visit Portland.

  5. Ironic that I come across this blog now. I had the same question and my result was also the Basil line for my wife's cruiser. You can contact and they will tell you who your local distributor is. Enjoy.

  6. you can purchase a variety of basil panniers from