Monday, December 10, 2007

Bicycle crimes

You can apparently use bicycles to smuggle drugs. (edited with a good link)

Bicycles are also suspected in a museum theft. Says a detective: "If I was going to do a job like this, I'd do it on a mountain bike because people don't notice that sort of thing and when people are racing to the scene of the crime they're looking for cars, they're not looking for people on bikes."

Nine banks robbed by serial robber on a bicycle. What makes this criminal especially malicious: "We think he rides a bike and ditches it and then gets in a car. We think he's stealing the bikes."

Pedestrian death prompts crackdown on law breaking cyclists. Just like they do when motorists kill somebody. Oh, waitaminute...

Soglin's criminalstupidity about shooting bicyclists makes the news. When somebody blogs about shooting teachers, they get arrested. When they talk about shooting cyclists, it's just subtle humor.

Dooring kills. Beware.


  1. yes
    they should remove all doors from cars!

    it is funny
    we are conditioned to accept that cars will buzz us as we walk across the street

    but if a bicycle comes within four feet of a pedestrian
    someone calls the police than writes their congressmen

    funny though

    so often the bicycle passes more than a handle bar width away
    and people bitch
    if I got half a hood width from a car it would be much better than the half of an inch when they pass me on my bike

  2. So where's the drug-smugglign link?

    Yea, take off the doors!!!

  3. the guy peddles away. I'll know cycling is catching on when more people can spell pedal.

  4. Oops, sorry about that bad link -- fixed now. Actually, I couldn't find the story that I originally found, it's longer than the one I link to now.

    The bike peddler peddles pedals. :-)

    Gwadz -- yep. I've think you've seen this about car head, right?

  5. Evil Rebel Bikers
    And naturally, the first and only comment added some idiot (from another state) demanding mandatory licensing of cyclists.

    That there is an idiot demanding such does not worry me half as much as that the newspaper's editorial staff thought it fit to print.

  6. ...gee, that bike bank robber must be a real cyclist...he's so seasonal his lastest hit was the bank in 'norcross' georgia...

    ...just sayin'...

    ...btw, ex-mayor soglin just does not get actuality his remarks about cyclists riding in winter are neither here nor there...offensive, yes, short sighted, yes, but thats all...

    ...i haven't once seen him actually address the use of the phrase "should be taken out & shot"...he's talked around it but he's so avoiding it, i wish the local authorities (police or city government) would take him to task... this point, he needs to apologize to not only cyclists but the population in general...

  7. "....and peddles away with the bags of cash."

    Hey... I like that...

    yes, I would like to peddle away with lots -o- cash...

    Fritz... you supply the cash and I'll supply the peddle away?