Friday, December 21, 2007

Eviction notice? Take the bike

A heartbreaking story involving a six year old and her first bike.
Nobody paid more dearly than Savannah Nesbit. The six-year- old and her family lost their house in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood last month after failing to pay a subprime mortgage that adjusts higher every six months.

Savannah got her first bicycle for her birthday in August, pink with streamers dangling from the handlebars. She decorated the present from her grandmother with stickers of Dora the Explorer, her favorite animated character.

When sheriff's deputies emptied the house and changed the locks, they left Savannah's bike behind.

``She cries about that bike every night, and she wants me to buy her another one, but I can't afford it right now because I have my own financial problems,'' says Savannah's grandmother, Anne Marie Wynter, whose home is also in foreclosure.
Another bike loss story: A paramedic's bike was stolen! Maybe he could have used this high tech bike theft prevention, though I'm amazed this student believes security staff will actually pay attention when they're alerted to a bike theft.

San Francisco Bike Coalition abandons plans for a bike ballot measure to bypass the anti-bike-plan court injunction.

CycleDog warns us the path to hell is strewn with flowers by tall, tastefully dressed Nordic women in stylish footwear. And this paper (pdf) from the city of Copenhagen traffic department and their consultants reveals some pretty dramatic accident statistics before and after bike facilities were installed.

Disco team kit on Astana rides: Sara writes about strange bedfellows. The photo of dark blue Discovery vs sky blue Astana looks a little strange indeed. And speaking of Team Discovery, the eBay auction expired with no bikes sold.

Bicycling filmographer Lucas Brunelle has new bicycle videos up at his website.

A reason to love NYC? The head of the city transportation department is a cycling radical.

Nashville Cyclist is too blessed to be stressed.

Cool fixed gear calculator calculates skid patches as well as gearing.


  1. Hi tech for theft? I thought the glow-in-the-dark bike link to the side was even better :)

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