Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interbike: East coast demo days?

Interbike organizers are apparently contemplating demo days on the USA east coast near Providence, Rhode Island. Interbike sent surveys to mid-Atlantic and New England retailers in November to gauge their interest in this event. Read more at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

More bicycle news

James has been reviewing the Strida folding bicycle.

Bicycling magazine: Gear list for 24+ hour adventure races.

Bike Commute Tips: Bike commuting for health and sanity, which includes a link to Jason's excellent Rochester Bike Blog. Except he's in Albany now, but never mind that.

Bike Hugger: It rained in Seattle. That deluge over the Pacific Northwest also covered Portland, Oregon in rain and wind. It'll hit my area on Thursday.

Bike Chicago: Five winter bike commute necessities. They're tires, fenders, lights, lube, and (since this is a shop's blog) a winter tune up special with coupons. They also list another Top 5: Reasons why folding bikes make great Christmas gifts.

What about Cyclocross?

I need to promote this to its own article. In case I forget: The SF Bay Area Air Quality Management District distributed a memo prohibiting bicycle transportation for employees "in the course of their work duties" because "the potential for serious injury is much greater riding a bicycle than driving a car." Grrrr....

Giro d'Italia 2008 course description. See also Steep Hill's coverage.

PV powered EV.

Cafiend on Specialized's Interbike publicity stunt.

A Velodrome in Orange County, California?

Singapore: Bicycle safety low hanging fruit?

Bicycle jokes that you've probably already heard.

Lisbon bicycle blog in Portuguese.

Bicycles in the background in these Sartorialist photos here, here, and here.

650B, Is it for me?


Sunrace Driven preview: Drool worthy photos.


Go speed racer: Over Drive is an anime series on a Japanese cyclist winning the TdF. Maybe he's the only one who can pass the dope tests. Check this plot description: "The top racer is a Japanese boy named Shinozaki Mikoto. 'Why dont you join our bicycle club?' said Fukazawa, Shinozaki Mikotos secret love. Unfortunately, despite being a high school student, he doesnt know how to ride a bike. With no real idea of what the bicycle club is, he earnestly practices." In Japanese with English subtitles.


  1. "Interbike: East coast demo days"

    The idea makes so much sense it should be just a matter of when and where. Nothing like hearing manufacturers offer you $5000+ bikes to try in the first minute of discussions for two full days like at Las Vegas.

    "That deluge over the Pacific Northwest also covered Portland, Oregon in rain and wind."

    Good. There has been too much cheery cycling news coming out of Portland. I wonder if footage will be included in the next Portland is #1 video.

  2. ...great links, fritz & yes, the 'air quality management' article deserves it's own featured prominence...amazing stuff but beautiful follow-up letter to micheal rich...

    ...motorhead link deserves a perusal as it describes the malaise towards cycling consciousness in america...

    ...i'm gonna rant here for a minute, so feel free to edit me if needed...

    ...no matter all the inroads made by various bike coalitions & organizations, until there is a concerted publicity effort regarding raised bicycle consciousness, beginning at the preschool level & maintained throughout a young person's school life & THEN further re-enforced by institutions like the dmv & newsprint, tv & internet media sources, cycling will never be considered w/ any 'real' validity & people die on an almost daily basis because of that fact...

    ...why can't the concept of "cycling safety" be reinforced on a consistent, ie; daily, basis in the media & on the internet...

    ...anyway, thanks fritz, guess i'm feeling idealistic...

  3. Thanks for the link. :-) We know that we're really head over heels with bike culture when our "personal" blog is refered to as a "bicycle blog". :-P There has been increasingly less time and space for other things not-bike in my blogging. But hey, as long as we're really digging what we're doing, all is well. :-)