Thursday, December 20, 2007

California Christmas

This is wintertime from the seat of my bicycle in California. Eat yer heart out, Minnesota!

Sunshine Panda

I took this photo this morning while riding my shiny, brand new Strida 5.0 folding bike. My son tried to steal it from me last night.

Strida 5.0 at night

I posted my initial thoughts on the Strida 5.0 over at Commute By Bike. Summary: It's very cool. I brought it on the bus and train this morning and rode it the three miles to work. It took me a little over 20 minutes versus my usual 12 to 15 minutes, but I still beat the work shuttle bus.

Da' Square Wheelman posted some "bhaiku" from the City of Big Shoulders. Remember the rule: If I see a bicycle haiku, I must link to it. I'm most likely to see it if you link to Cyclelicious or comment somewhere.

And bikesgonewild, feel free to shoot me a note anytime.

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  1. Cool Fritz, I am anxious to hear your thoughts. I mentioned mine a few times, but I still need to post a real review.

    I hope that you are obeying the sticker and not popping any wheelies.

  2. Yeah, right about the wheelies. All the weight is on the rear wheel, so it actually takes effort to avoid wheelies on this bike. I rode a wheelie down the length of my sidewalk last night on this bike.

    The other interesting sticker is the one that instructs riders to apply the rear brake before the front. I don't understand that caution because the geometry guarantees you won't endover on this bike.

    It's a little skittish in the rain and slick conditions because of the unweighted front wheel -- I slid the front out a couple of times this morning on my commute.

    I pointed to your initial thoughts from my review at CBB. The mechanical designers in the office are all agog about this bike. From a design perspective I'm interested in your real review when you get to it.

  3. ...great photo due to the juxtaposition of the leaves on the ground under the water & the reflection of the tree leaves on the surface of the water...