Thursday, December 13, 2007

Team Discovery auctions off bikes

Tailwind Sports is auctioning their bikes on eBay!

Details at Biking Bis and Bicycle Design. These are team issue Madones and other bikes ridden by Hincapie, Padrnos, Martinez and other Team Disco cyclists, complete with letters of authentication from Tailwind Sports.

Used Team Disco Giro time trial helmets are also on the auction block with $250 starting bids. These "may have markings and features related to a used helmet." Ewww.


  1. Tailwind would make $176,160 if all these items sell for their starting bid...

  2. ...hey, i've watched that tour day france , so that would be a big 'no way' !!!...

    ...micheal, it would be interesting to know what they'll actually get for all that gear...

  3. I agree. Once you start getting multiple bids on some of the big name items, I wouldn't be surprised seeing their net sales of these items going above $200,000.

  4. I don't know; I will be surprised if they sell too many of these bikes at those prices. Used pro bikes sell on eBay fairly often without much fanfare, and the starting bids on these are pretty high. Maybe I am wrong, but we will see.

    On the other hand, we bike bloggers have given them some publicity so maybe.