Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night

I watched the cool cats waiting around in San Jose last night for the Tuesday night SJFixed ride to start. Their trackstands, backwards riding and bar spins reminded me of this old film of bike tricks shot by Thomas Edison back in 1899. They've got the whole repertoire of modern bike ballet over 100 years ago. There's even a guy doing bunny hops with a jump rope.

As I boarded the southbound train in Menlo Park last night a guy on a bike asked me if this train goes to Palo Alto. "Next train," I quickly told him, "in about 10 minutes." Then I looked at him strangely, pointed at his bike and said, "It's only a mile to Palo Alto. Ride your bike."

For some reason, views of this photo I took on Caltrain spiked last night. I don't know why; I don't really think it's that good.

Empty Caltrain bike car

Sierra Club book: Into Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents. Botanist Jim Malusa bicycled alone to the lowest point on each of six continents, a six-year series of 'anti-expeditions' to the 'anti-summits.' With a scientist's eye, he vividly observes local landscapes and creatures. As a lone man, he is overfed by grandmothers, courted by ladies of the night in Volgograd, invited into a mosque by Africa's most feared tribe, chased by sandstorms and hurricanes ' yet Malusa keeps riding.

Absolutely crazy cool work zone safety engineering.


  1. Perhaps the guy wanted to know for an unrelated reason? Like somebody he knew should have been on it? (Tho' you could prob'ly tell)

  2. That "crazy cool" pic is FUNNY. Probably effective, too...

  3. Hey Fritz, have you ever done a post on your camera setup? You seem to get great random shots. What type of camera do you use, and where do you store it that it's so easily accessible?

  4. Bradley, I often carry my Canon DSLR. There's also a camera on my phone. Nothing real special I do as far as setup.

    I still owe you all a post on the HERO cam, though. That one's pretty nifty and is how I shoot the on-bike videos.