Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Safety in numbers

Welcome to Cyclelicious.

Streetsblog reported fewer cyclist fatalities in New York City in spite of many more cyclists on the road.

Tom Vanderbilt passes along a similar effect in the UK, the Netherlands, and Copenhagen.

More bicycle news

Photo by Mark Stosberg: Becky and Pastor Matt in Richmond, Indiana. Also featured also at VeloCouture.

SF Bay Guardian: Best Sunday Streets Ever.

Lifehacker discussion: What commuter bike should I buy?

MAKE: Tool drool: Park Tools.

Boing Boing: Portland Pedalpalooza.

MAKE: How to prep and powdercoat a bike.

MAKE: Monkeyelectric gets better.

Humor: The Dog hits a hole a one!


  1. Your friend Mr. Hurst would beg to differ with the data. ;)

  2. He's a little skeptical, I know.

  3. ...re:-- the dawg's "hole in one" humor...

    ...i can't for the life of me, remember what other "user group" this reminds me of...

    ...i'm sure it will come to me...maybe if i go for a ride...