Friday, June 5, 2009

Penitentiary Tour de France

What laws do I break to get that kit? I was expecting prisoner stripes, not corporate sponsorship.

Who gets drug tested more? Pros, or these convicts?

Prison cycle Tour de France 2009 first stage from Lille to Valenciennes

The 2009 Prisoner Tour de France departing from Lille in the north of France on June 4. 200 prisoners volunteered for this ride, along with about 100 prison staffers. They'll ride 2,200 km in 15 stages, arriving in Paris on June 19th.


  1. N.B. only six prisoners and twelve others will do the entire course; the other prisoners, guards, and staff will join the 18 riders for one to three stages (source).

  2. Thanks Brian for that additional info.

  3. Welp,you have to have corporate sponsorship to get the kit ;)

    Sign me up! er, if there's a femme version...