Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water bicycle

Chinese amphibious water bike.

amphibious bicycle floating on water

Chinese inventor Li Weiguo apparently took the Treehugger article on women and bikes to heart by asking his daughter to demonstrate his amphibious bicycle that can be used on land or water. Li used empty water bottles (the large 8 gallon size used in office water coolers) as flotation for this bike, with paddles in the rear spokes providing propulsion. The bottles are removed for use on land.

More cool photos at Inhabitat and Props to WIRED Gadget Blog.


  1. There is absolutely NO WAY that water bike will spray the rider with tremendous amounts of water up their back.

  2. how does that steer? there's no rudder and it doesn't look like turning the handlebars would do much for steering on water...

    ...and are the rear wheel's paddles even submerged?

  3. I just saw another water bike on the web today. This one is a bit more polished in its construction than the one from Mr. Weiguo.

  4. Anon: Fenders! :-)

    George: There's probably a reason there's a rope tied to this rig :-)

    James: Oh yeah, very cool.

  5. ...thank you, james...i don't mean to denigrate inventor li but obviously calmer minds prevail...